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Get your $$$$ together


The purpose of this blog is to help my readers become financially independent. For many, this starts with paying down debt, building a comfortable nest egg and generating a steady stream of income from the returns of their investments, so that's what I'll be focusing on.

It's a lot easier to accomplish than most people long you remain focused. And no, you don't have to hand pick the perfect stock portfolio or join the right tech company before an IPO to get there (although a lucky few have). In fact, the only thing you really have to do is commit to  a lifestyle change that reduces your spending and invest the difference.

That's it! And I'll be here pushing you along the path as you stumble and persevere, because we both know that using the buddy system is (almost) always better than doing it alone. So click over to the blog and get started. You'll thank me later!

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Women Who Save is for entertainment purposes only. Although she is here to help, the author is not your financial planner and cannot be held liable for your investment decisions. Please seek out a professional for financial advice.


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